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Founded in 2010, VNT Pottery is proud to be a part of the movement to promote a long-lived Vietnamese tradition: pottery. Something special about Vietnamese pottery is that each pottery is infused with the passion of its artisan, and they have grown to become more intricate in design and beauty over the many centuries.

At VNT Pottery, we strive to identify current trends and designs to develop pottery collections to our client’s satisfaction. With that said, we welcome you to our world of pottery and hope you will find our products fitting for your beloved home.


VNT Pottery works with passion and dedication to pursue of bringing handcraft art from ancient time to today’s civilization. Our work focuses especially in the pottery’s art where we excels with the following qualifications:

  • Expert in Pottery’s colors and materials
  • Collaborate with many architectures & landscapers
  • Creative solutions & ideas for your pottery’s needs
  • Reliable products made in VIETNAM
  • Great Customer Services

The Art of handmade happens here!

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